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Exactly-TVR was formed in May 1998 by Adrian Venn, turning his well-known passion for TVRs into a flourishing business. Exactly-TVR has been growing steadily into one of the best respected and trusted TVR specialists with customers all over the world. The reputation of our rebuilds is second to none. This year alone we have completed rebuilds on 3000Ms, Taimars, 3000Ss and a Taimar Turbo. Work currently in progress include a Vixen S2, M Turbo, 3000S Turbo and a rare Taimar Turbo SE.

As ever, the emphasis is on "Exactly". Our primary aim is to encourage & attract restorations with modifications being kept to a minimum. We respect the car's originality yet aim to develop it to suit today's traffic, roads and advances in technology. We are able to fine-tune the dynamics of all cars to "better than original", all the way from fast road to full race. Although we specialise in 'M' Series cars, we are able to restore any pre-1980's TVR. Our restorations are tailored to suit inidividual requirements and the owner's involvement is actively encouraged. Our rebuilds are geared towards the cars being used on a regular basis, yet they are restored to concours standard.

Alongside our restorations, we have undertaken a whole host of other work, ranging from servicing to race car preparation. Most recently, a full-race wide-bodied Tuscan was prepared in our workshops for Historic Endurance Racing, competing in the London to Lisbon Endurance Rally

Our particular forte is improving & enhancing the 'M' Series Turbos by upgrading to 4-pot ventilated braking systems, superior spring/damper combinations, ignition retard/boost management systems and upgraded fuel regulators, fuel tanks, radiators and exhaust systems. Many customers do not realise that we can apply our extensive Turbo chassis and suspension expertise to any M Series model, being essentially the same car underneath.

Our mail order business is expanding along with our ever increasing parts list, and we ship items all over the world. Our extensive stock of new and remanufactured parts include some which are unavailable elsewhere. We are recognised worldwide for our expert and impartial advice on all things TVR.

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Adrian Venn
Tel/fax 024 7659 6883 or mobile 0795 695 6042

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