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 Vixen Specials
Vixen Rear Uprights
Rebuilt with NEW quill shafts and drive flanges
orig upright components  orig upright assy side  orig flange and studs
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upright assembly front orig upright assy front

Exchange £280 ea + VAT
Outright £330 ea + VAT
These exchange uprights have been completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals as you would expect. However, unlike some other units which re-use the original 30+ year old quill shafts, ours feature brand-new quill shafts made in ultra-high quality heat-treated steel for improved reliability and crack resistance. They also feature brand-new drive flanges with "pull-through" studs. Extra-long studs are available at no cost if you need to fit wheel spacers for alternative wheel/tyre combinations.
We also use EN16 lower pivot bars which are much stronger than the EN8 original.
Please specify which stud type (std or long) you require when ordering.

Competition Spec Rear Uprights for Vixens
Brand NEW heavy-duty castings in heat-treated LM25 alloy
complete with rebuilt 'M' Series hub assembly and longer outer half driveshaft and UJ

new upright front new upright side new upright back
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hub and shaft assy hub assembly

Exchange (for original Vixen upright with driveshaft) £325 ea + VAT
Outright £375 ea + VAT
These brand-new uprights have been redesigned and recast in LM25 heat-treated alloy to produce a modified and stronger version of the original upright. Every weak point of the original design has been addressed, from the quill shaft design to the pinch bolts and the water/debris trap around the pivot bar, producing the ultimate competition unit. The new uprights utilise the 'M' Series hub unit, for it's servicability and availability, and outer half driveshaft resulting in a "drop-in" replacement for the original. Again we only use EN16 pivot bars for extra durability.
As they use the 'M' Series hub, they too feature the "pull-through" studs which are available in standard or extra-long - a boon to those who have damaged original studs.
These new uprights have been designed with 10mm extra offset so can be used with the Compomotive 6x15" Minilite Wheel without spacers (this wheel is not available in the correct offset for Vixens). As competition units, they also feature an extra 0.5degree negative camber built-in, so please recheck your suspension geometry after fitting.
We believe these are the ultimate Vixen rear upright being a cast alloy replacement of the original but with none of the original weaknesses.

Contact:- Adrian Venn


Tel/Fax (024) 76596883 or mobile (07956) 956042 


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